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Tender Pricing Strategies or Exploiting Mathematical Opportunities in Tenders   #vegasofseminars


Sometimes tenders:

  • Can be won by being smarter than competition in terms of which items to price higher and which to price lower.

  • Contain opportunities which can be exploited.

  • Make it possible to get higher cost marks and more money than competition.




















The seminar examines tenders which ask for multiple prices. For example:

  • A ‘Bill of Materials’ or basket of services where multiple items are priced.

  • Normal and ‘call-out’ rates.

  • Routine and ‘non-routine’ services or standard and ‘non-standard’ items.

  • Service and repair rates.

  • Labour rates and prices for parts.



Depending on tender formats, the seminar shows that it is possible to charge more money and get higher cost marks.


A typical seminar timetable is:

9:30-10:00        Introduction & analysis of tenders

10:00-10:40      Asking questions and using feedback to estimate prices

10:40-15:30      Risk & reward when exploiting opportunities. (This includes worked examples, discussions and eight different ‘Bid Game’ exercises. These allow suppliers to compare different strategies and procurement professionals to understand the impact of different tender formats.)

15:30-16:30      Identifying & managing risks for tenderers and procurement professionals


The workshop is a ‘must attend’ for:

  • Bid Managers, Bid Directors and those involved in setting prices.

  • Procurement professionals.


It is relevant for all sectors.


For booking enquiries, see the Contact page.




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