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Writing Tender Answers & Tender Response Management 


Most pre-qualification questionnaires and tender competitions require questions to be answered. Answering the questions well can be the difference between success and failure:

  • Getting through the PQQ into the tender competition.

  • Passing the ‘pass-fail criteria’ in a multi-stage tender process.

  • Gaining enough quality marks to add to cost marks to win a tender.



















The seminar systematically explores the subject using presentations, discussions and exercises. It examines effective methods for answering a range of question formats.



A typical seminar timetable is:

9:30-10:30     Introduction & sources for tenders & PQQs. Targeting tenders.

10:30-11:40   Formats of PQQs & Tender Competitions. 

11:40-13:40   Methods to Answer Various Question Formats.

13:40-16:10   Methods to Answer Questions with:

  • Word Limits.

  • Character Limits.

  • Page Limits.

  • Document Size (MB) Limits.

  • No Limits.

More on Tables, Lists & Forms to Answer Various Questions. 

16:10-16:30  Managing Tender Documents. Managing Communications with Buyers.


The workshop is a ‘must attend’ for Bid Writers, Bid Managers, Bid Directors.


It is relevant for all sectors.


For booking enquiries, see the Contact page. 




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